Ayurvedic Medicine for Increasing Breast Size

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  • Ingredients & Benefits
  • Indications
  • Do's / Don'ts

Ingredients & Benefits:

1. Gmelina Arborea Linn (Gambhari):It helps in firming up sagging breasts. It also restores elasticity & firmness of the

2. Punica Granatum (Dadim): It is a Raktavardhak herb which stimulates breast tissue growth.

3. Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari):It is useful in galatagogue.

4. Solanum Indicum (Bruhati): It is a nutritive & helps in bilding muscle tissue.

5. Cyperus Scariosus (Nagarmtha): It helps in proper development of breast tissue.

6. Saussurea Lappa (Kushtha): It strengthens & adds volume to breasts.

7. Mimosa Pudica (Lajjalu): It improves blood circulation around the breasts.

8. Sesamum Indicum (Til):It strengthens the muscles, tightens the skin & makes the skin radiant & glowing.



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Indications :

Helps to reshape & revitalize the breasts.

Increases female body fitness..

Improves the muscle tone & develops the size of the breasts.

Strengthens the muscles, tightens the skin & makes the skin radiant & glowing.

Dosage : One physical massage daily followed by massager.
Do's :

Eat nutritious meals rich in fresh fruits & vegetables.

Consume cow's milk & ghee.

Do regular exercise.

Don'ts :

Induce irregularity in dietary habits.

Avail caffeine & carbonated drinks..

Cost :

Rs. 180.00 per 50ml pet bottle (inclusive of all taxes).