Ayurvedic Medicines for Skin Problems


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  • Ingredients & Benefits
  • Indications
  • Do's / Don'ts

Ingredients & Benefits:

1. Aloe Barbadensis

2. Regulates weight & energy level : It contains the amino acids, enzymes, minerals and all other nutrients that are     essential for proper nourishment & maintenance of the body. It ensures a greater feeling of wellbeing allowing energy     level to increase & help maintain healthy body weight.

3. Helps in healthy digestion : It has natural detoxifying abilities. It improves bowel regularity & increases protein     absorption. It reduces heart-burn, bloating, discomfort & helps to ease stress which leads to more attacks of irritable     bowel syndrome.

4. Immune support & function : It contains natural immune enhancers that strengthen the immunity.

5. Safe & sure mild laxative : The laxative component works by preventing the absorption of water from the bowel thus     increases the volume as it contains natural fibers.

6. For enhancing skin glow & in various skin disorders : It can add a rich supply of blood to produce & maintain healthy     skin. It helps to combat the effect of ageing. It also purifies blood in skin diseases.

7. Regulizes menstrual cycle : Aloe means Kumari an all time friend of females. It is a main ideal uterine stimulator      that corrects menstruation irregularities.

8. Controls hair loss : It provides proper nourishment to the hair by correcting the blood circulation around the scalp,      thus is a very good hair tonic.

9. Useful in liver disorders : It helps to reduce the swelling of the liver & spleen by improving their function.

10. Useful in anemia : It is a Raktavardhak herb. It helps to improve the haemoglobin level.

11. Useful in cough & common cold : It has natural propery to expel cough and reduces congestion, thus clears the        upper & lower respiratory tract.

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Indications :

arrow Anti-inflammatory – soothes swelling.

arrow Anti-pyretic – reduces fever.

arrow Bactericidal – prevents bacterial infection.

arrow Fungicidal – fights fungal infection.

arrow Anti-pruritic – corrects skin disorders.

arrow Hormone balancer – balance the hormone level.

Dosage :

Adult - 30 ml preferably in the morning empty stomach.
Children - 10-15 ml preferably in the morning empty stomach.
Do's :

arrow Eat nutritious meals & fruits.

Get the right amount of sleep.

Regular exercise.

Don'ts :

arrow Eat spicy foods.

arrow Take mental stress.

arrow Have irregular dietary habits.

Cost :

Rs. 275.00 per 500ml pet bottle (inclusive of all taxes).
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